A project that was started out of boredom, with no promise of start or end.

Volume 1:
Chapter 1 (In progress, though maybe later since its already translated elsewhere)
Chapter 2 (past NanoDesu translated portion, complete)
Chapter 3 (Complete)
Epilogue (Complete)

Volume 2:

Chapter 1 (In progress, completed chase scene)
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Note: For consistency, the school grades will be Lower, Middle, and High.

Incidentally, the single-word theme for this translation is ‘Frantic’. That is, how fast can I make the prose go, how frenetic a portrayal of youth can I pull off, and how much of that adolescent heat can I transfer from the original novel into my writing.

I’m sorry Mizuhito Akiyama for raping your writing, but I can assure you that this rape is done purely out of love. And I also had fun making Suizenji sound stranger than he already is.