An Adaptation of Gautier with Google Translate

Since I talked about it in this article – here is an example. I adapted this with MT back when I was playing SubaHibi’s Jabberwocky. The quote about how (SPOILER) read Cyrano de Bergerac (In Insects) with a dictionary for fun (since that was how I picked up Japanese, with that kind of devil may care method) permeated deep inside me and exploded when I reached the next chapter. So I wrote this at the time. The act of writing this was one of the most viscerally beautiful things I have ever experienced in my life. It was at that moment that I realized the power of translation. I do not know whether the beauty of that moment can be conveyed through the words.

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Cross Channel – Crossing Translation/English Variant

Not a good song to do on Valentine’s Day. In fact – one of the most emo songs to ever exist. And, I never really looked at the song lyrics till now. Matching the lyrics to the tune was really depressing. Anyway – enjoying singing to the loneliness!

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Toradora ED – Orenji (English Variant)

A new experiment – song lyrics! Basically, trying to make lyrics that actually match the meter of the  tune. I thought about this after looking at the different language variants for Adventure Time stuff – and where the languages were good at or failed to translate over.

The following lyrics is for the full 4min version of Orenji. I decided to keep Orenji katakanized (because it’s hard to rhyme with orange) & I changed some of the song’s meaning. Rather than a sour orange turning sweet – this is about a sweet orange turning possibly more bittersweet. Since it’s song lyrics – you can probably add or displace a few words, and add a bunch of connectors or stretch out some words here and there depending on your own preference. I used em-dash to notate as to how I read it in my head.

There’s probably a bit of problem with the ‘away’ ‘say’ ‘today’ part – because that leaves the line hanging in English, but it’s supposed to end with a past tense ‘ta’ which gives it finality.

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Translation: Albatross Koukairoku – Prologue

Once, there was a ship

Through a certain age of darkness & chaos – it weaved through the gaps. A ship determined in its voyage. A persistent ship.

Rust & deterioration accumulated within that hull.

Perhaps, truth be told – the very fact of its floating was a miracle unto itself. A slap in the face against the engineers and the physicists.

And – this ship was called.

The Albatross!

But, we are getting too far ahead of ourselves…
For our story – shall start away from the sea.
Firstly, a certain time, a certain country, a certain port
In the rum-tum-tumble of a certain street.

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Translation: Sakura No Uta – A Dialogue On Life Imitating Art (And SCA-Ji Love)


WARNING – MASSIVE SPOILERS PAST HERE FOR SAKURA NO UTA (& SubaHibi too). Only read it if you’ve read it already, or you don’t care about that kind of thing and just wanna see the translation & ideas & whatever. Although, honestly, it doesn’t have as much power unless you see it within the Visual Novel itself. Still, I translated it because I wanted to have my own English version (to help shill SCA-Ji philosophy in an easily portable format).

This also doubles as my massive SCA-Ji appreciation post.

Chapter 5: The Happy Prince & Other Stories. The Ending.

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