Blessed is the lion which the man eats, and the lion will become man; and cursed is the man whom the lion eats, and the lion will become man

  • Book of Thomas.

He is like a man
In the body of a violent beast.
Its muscles are his own . . .

The lion sleeps in the sun.
Its nose is on its paws.
It can kill a man.

  • Wallace Stevens: Poetry Is A Destructive Force


Inspired by the idea of what happens to the little girl after the ending in Otsuichi’s Dog story from Goth. Also inspired by the idea of having a mystery/horror series that jukes into an action series and finally becomes an emotional meditation on the nature of time.

And maybe a bit about the ‘End of History’ (the ending where the conflict dissipates into time)


First Part begins from a half third-person view & is a narration of depraved events like an Otsuichi story. It relates the gradual craziness of Lia Shinling as she murders her family at the age of 9 years old.

Second part becomes a ‘mystery’ by taking the first-person POV of a student investigating a bunch of mysterious events happening around – and also her classmate Lin Huling (Lia Shinling). This part ends before the completion of the story.

Third part is a first-person narration from Lia herself as she investigates a new and strange occurrence. She relates the events that happens at the second part of part 2.


The city of Hucheng is located on an island in the middle of SEA that has a remarkably close look & societal structure to Singapore.

Yet, there’s also a darker side involving supernatural powers.

Supernatural Kings

The spiritual ‘King’ of the city is a tiger. Based upon the idea that a tiger is as strong as a dragon due to a 王 on his head.

The spiritual ‘King’ is confronted with a ‘Dragon’. This is the representation of Evil within the city.

But, one must not think that these are intrinsically moral Good/Evil. They are merely principles of aid and negation – and both can have their useful and harmful sides.

Magic Users

The City was originally made to contain an entity known as TIGER. This entity is hidden in a server held within the deep recesses of the Parliament house. TIGER is controlled by an entity known as DRAGON – dissipated into four knives held by the owners of four large households within the city – one governing party and three large corporations.

The destruction of Dragon Knives leads to Tiger being freed.

Some aspects of TIGER manages to have influence of the surrounding media. All this is linked to a secret website called TigerGate that is only revealed to a certain ‘select few’. TIGER is a wild and uncontrollable entity. Its release is likely to cause vast amounts of destruction.

Those who can view TigerGate will have their mind ‘disjoint’ – and split into two parts. The first normal personality hides a second personality known as the ‘cat spirit’. People who are initially disjoint will feel a strange voice telling them to do horrible things. Most likely, they’ll cave in and commit horrendous murders. Many of these people are then detained by the government and killed off once spotted. On the other hand, some may be saved by the existing group of Tiger-Faction Members.

Once there, they have to undergo an intense self-discovery/meditation process to regain control of themselves. Once they manage to though, they’ll be able to access TIGER’s powers.

Powering Magic (TIGER)

Tiger Faction members have magic based on ‘fixations’. These are incantations that feedback power into the magic user the more times they are heard. Of course, these can be channeled through the internet as well – but the user must be direct-linked to the computer.

e.g. User posts a video of a song with incantation hidden inside. He has to have his computer turned on in order to ‘tap into the power’, and he only gains power from the times viewed when he has tapped into it.

Note that a user does not have to tap into his own incantation – but any form of it. Even another user singing live. A user can decide whether to ‘open’ his incantation to other channels or not.

Fixations can be stored, although a ‘direct link’ is stronger than a ‘stale link’. Having your computer logged on and tapping into the internet is going to make you stronger. So you better have WiFi. The Dragon forces will, obviously, have signal jammers. (Research on Signal Jammers)

They may also have ‘codeblock’ – devices in the ears use to block incantation sounds.

Using Magic (TIGER)

Tiger Faction Users can either have the ‘form of the Tiger’ by creating a King Sign on their forehead, or they can augment things into weapons by drawing a King Sign on them. Items augmented become permanently powered until the user calls it off – whereby the magic will dissipate. Form of the Tiger’s power depends on how many Fixations are stored in the mage

Form of the Tiger provides super strength, speed, perception, and poisonous claws. Power is directly proportional to live Fixations – including friends.

Using Magic (DRAGON)

Dragon faction members are fully equipment-based magic users. They have weapons to be crafted before they go into battle. An equipment is ‘soul-linked’ and can only be used by a single person. This is different for the Dragon Knives, which can be passed down through ritual or death. To make an equipment, a Dragon Knife must be used to carve a mark on it. This is a long process that is kind of like crafting out an elaborate Ketubah.

Crafting Process

  • Writing out the Truename of the wielder – requires an intensive soul-examination. The name is forged from all the memories within the wielder.
  • Once-killed – The wielder is killed in a dream by his weapon, and experiences death once. There is a chance that they will really die from this.

This means that there are rather few Dragon magic users that are a part of the Dragon Knife Wielder’s inner circle.

The Battle

The Tiger Faction is looking to destroy the Dragon Knives and their users. But they are in the rebel position – and so they have to build up on Fixations while helping out criminal organizations on the side in order to gain resources.

They gain Fixations through silly trolling, let’s plays, porn, graphically violent pictures, and song covers.

Ultimately all this is an elaborate way of showing the clash between social media and a traditional government.