It is but the behest of the gods, Buckley- we are but their minor dalliance.

(A Norwegian in the Family)

(08/13/17: Due to the amount of Cosmoetica related reviews, I’ve decided to leave this site for all the Dan stuff. The articles placed here before this date will still be left here. New translation & other stuff will be over here:

The various analyses of 陈建雄. That’s 建 as in ‘build/establish’ and 雄 as in 英雄 or ‘hero’. Thus, I make great use of my grandiose name by analyzing moe anime in my spare time. Take note that this site is mostly an act of self discovery as described by Weininger:

He constructs from everything his ego that holds the universe, whilst others never reach a full consciousness of this inner self, and so, for him, all things have significance, all things are symbolical. For him breathing is something more than the coming and going of gases through the walls of the capillaries; the blue of the sky is more than the partial polarisation of diffused and reflected light; snakes are not merely reptiles that have lost limbs.

In other words – I write to seek myself through the world, and turn it into my palette. My analyses & translations have no particular aim other than to be symbolic of myself. I do not aim for what is correct in the most rudimentary manner, but what is ‘right’. I accept criticisms or comments – but I think I’ll probably only follow through if that criticism happens to form a part of this self-discovery process.

Also trying to think of new ways to capture other language facets to help empower English – since I come from a country that regularly fucks around with it on a daily basis – you could say I’m interested in that Nabokov-type ability to screw with language from an outsider view. That’s one of the things I try to do in translation.

(Incidentally, if you spot any grammar errors, feel free to flag them up – although that’s one of my lower concerns ultimately as compared to looking for new methods in English to express other languages without stretching awkwardness & translating as self-discovery of style – but my eventual aim is to develop a translator-machine capability that can move ‘from syllable to sound’ with sufficient accuracy and large reach of creative tools as to how to represent it at my disposal. Which is why I always feel like picking the hardest things to translate first, because that’s where you learn the most and have to stretch the language the most. And also they have the most beautiful stretches where the language really shines. I believe that kind of experimentation with complete disregard for the author is one of the great potentials of underground fan translations – Ah! If only there were space in the internet for that kind of Salon culture…)

If  you are a creator that is rather miffed at my personal rape of your work, kindly email me at with a request to remove my blasphemy from the face of the internet.

I have also made it one of my many life purposes to promote the poetry and vision of the writer-that-nobody-knows – Dan Schneider. Reading him makes me feel as though the human being has been completely sliced up and laid out on a platter – and a good 70% of human living has been accounted for (50% of which is probably recorded down in A Norwegian in the Family). Now it’s just up to the rest of us to finish up the remaining 30%.

You can view my primer, or look at my analysis of his poems. You can check out his poetry at his website over here.

Rather than care about my thoughts on Art, go read SCA-Ji’s Sakura no Uta. I don’t share his philosophy in certain things – but it’s the starting point. But remember to read Dan too!

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