Cross Channel Translation – Misato On the Roof (Insane Edition)


A turn of the knob,
And I open the door.


The wind starts blowing,


When I step in.


But, strangely,
It bestows upon me a certain cheer.


In front of my eyes towers the large water-tower.
And, besides the stairs, sharing in its base:
One Large Antenna.


Taichi: “Wow.”


Unfinished: this antenna


Unfurnished with parts
Nor the knowledge needed –


But, there was feeling.
Feeling supplemented skill.
And slowly, a form came in shape.


Feelings from a single girl,


That was, currently,


Standing with the tower, whipped in the winds.

Jealousy, turning to adoration.


Miyasumi Misato.


3rd year senior.


Hey theeeerrrreeee!”


And as I shout,
The blowing winds runs through her hair –
Expanding into black and wispy billows.


She turns here.


The strong winds catch into her hair,
Sending it curling into glossy rapids.


With some difficulty, she cuts the stream
With a single hand, so her eyes can peek through.


Misato: “Ah – ”


And the sunlit glow  –
Suddenly quick, intense,
Wraps around her loose smile, and shimmers


Like the summer beaming through shaved ice


And because of that – it would all melt away.


Misato: “Ah…?”


Soft red lips breaking apart,
Building into words.




But, her words blew away,
By a breeze blowing past my ear.


Yet, from the lips alone, I knew what she said.


With a grin,
I replied.


Taichi: “I’ll be right there – !”


Misato: “Ah…is that you Pekey?!”


Taichi: “Yess’mam!”


I wave my hands around while shouting.


And, her eyes spin down to me.


It occurs in stop-motion.
The gentleness seeping across her face.


Misato: “A – hoy thereee! Mr. Peaks!”


She replies


As always – herself.


Misato: “What are you uuupp toooo – Pelches??”


Taichi: “I can see your panties Ma’am!”


Oh my word! Did that slip out?!


Seriousity is not my forte!


By the way. I can really see them. I feel my logic circuits frying with each closer step.


Strong winds Mr Weatherman! Panties on the Horizon! – so he had thought as he prepared himself beforehand.


Observation catalogue:
The slenderly well-proportioned, and furthermore sensually sinful 3rd year senior’s thighs
Intermixed with the Reverse-Triangulated Pubic Wrap of the Manhood Gripping Roc (+9 Impassionment)
Somehow, with great force of will, did not endow any negative status effects on the concentration.


*Taichipedia: Reverse-Triangulated Pubic Wrap of the Manliness Gripping Roc (+9 Impassionment): Girlie Panties


It appears that even if our subject, Kurosu Taichi, should broaden his firing range from top to bottom, he still loves the female ‘stuff’ in the end. As a general rule, white is the best, and any colours that would fall on a more lascivious spectrum would be placed as the lowest of the low – though, such panty-criteria changes on the situation*


Ah – If such a will were not so, I would have succumbed to the sensate solicitude of the senior’s superior gluteals! And a sandworm like myself would have been stripped of all moral sense, falling into the abhorrent pit of sexuality!


Misato: “Whaaaat – waaaas – thaaaat?”


Taichi: “Sell me your panties Ma’am!”


Misato: “Stitch me some panties, Sam?”


Taichi: “!!??”


Ay Carumba! 2 marks short of a 10!


Taichi: “S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-hall we have some luncheon on the grass?!”


Misato: “Oooo – kay!!!”


She waves her fists in the air in circles.


Misato: “But I can’t cook the loaf Mr. Peaks!”


Taichi: “Th-that’s too bad!!!”


Misato: “So-rry!”


I think there’s some misunderstanding.


But – a slight quandary…


Missy Misato does not knoweth of my lusty self.


Should her eyes disdain mine face, verily would I perish.


After all… she took me in, when I was alone.


Misato: “Have you anything up Pelches?”


Taichi: “None. I just took the opportunity.”


Misato: “You’re advantaging on my opportunity?!”


A creak in my face.


Taichi: “Just the Figure of Miss Speech – Ma’am!!”


Misato: “Ermmm… okay – just wait!”


She descends.


Misato: “Thanks for waiting!”


Her hands gathering in her front – the lovely maid smiles.


The position is placed exactly on her Sister Pussycat – but though I be blind, I can still see.


*Taichipedia: Sister Pussycat – Obvious meaning. But anthropomorphized for some reason*


With the help of TaichiShop CS6.


0.1s start-up. Thanks to my mind’s hardware.


First, I lasso-tool her head & copy it.


I search for an AV model nude with her figure.


I find one that fits perfectly.


It’s quite old, but it comes from some Sumo Wrestler’s Hot Mama gf /w a slender bod to boot, and she’s quite famous – if I remember correctly. Anyway, that’ll do. I whisper 10 Hail Marys.


Missy Misato’s face layer nicely merges with the photo.


With some touch-ups to the values and some tweaking, the jagged bits are shorn off.


The torso seems off, so I do a search for plumpier boobies and merge it in.


Incidentally, the nicely revealing arms and legs comes from Missy-Senpai herself.


To have a nice contrast, I adjust the lighting and do up some shadows.


To fix the skin colour, I pile up a layer of light yellow and use painting mode to soft-line it perfectly.


The lack of a background seems lonely, so I layer a sacred temple under Missachi’s new body.


Voila. My masterstroke.


The ero-shop that’ll last a decade. Dy-na-mite!


I open my mental HDD and click on the folder marked ‘Arithmetic’ – then I open a folder called ‘S-Class’ inside that.


S > A > B > C > D


S is dynamite. D is doo-doo.


The same arrangement exists on my real PC.


For the contents of my will, I plan to add the following:


“I bequeath my closest relative with a hammer to turn my HDD into dust, and should any prying eyes or fickle hands gather upon it – I curse you with my soul!”


Yes, god forbid anyone should trespass on my Arithmetic!


For within exists more dark and luscious jungles than the entirety of the South America!


In other words:


This is my holy ~~ Civitas Dei ~~


Misato: “You need help with Mathematics?”


Taichi: “Aglaba!”


Ai Karoomba! She’s a psychic!


“Rey-dee, I is very at your most kindly services!”


Elegant presentation of my finger.
Forward bow.


Misato remains unperturbed.


Misato: “But, don’t you have class?”


The doubtful tilt of her head implicates me as a criminal.


“For school… – !”


Grandiose head-shaking, coupled with a burst of laughter.


“Is naught but the loathsomeness of academia! And who would disprioritize to aid a finely lady such as yourself?”




Her confusion, too, is splendid.


Oh Amore! The formation of our family-unit deserves your aid! Shall I not pay visitation to your boudoir for the gametization of those splendid ovules?”






In my confusion, I stopper my mouth.


My my… this habit of spewing my heart’s desire is just – too – far!


Taichi: “The antenna looks good.”


Misato: “Yep – I’m doing my best!”


Taichi: “Still not done?”


Misato: “Nope… soor – rry.”


Normally, you’ll get a pro to help out with an antenna.


But this was one that was acquired – and dumped.


Misato: “I’m not a mechanic… but – I’m flipping through anything I can…”


Misato: “The body’s okay – but I haven’t touched the wiring or tuning at – all…”


Taichi: “My… my…”


Sadly, I lack such expertise.


Taichi: “I can’t help with anything right… Ma’am?”


Misato: “It’s the thought that counts.”


I slip a peek at Mimi’s palms. They’re covered in cuts.




She’s been struggling.


Even though those arms look as though they’ve never lifted a single TV monitor in their life.


Taichi: “Erm… Ma’am.”


Misato: “Yes?”


Taichi: “Why’re you going at it alone?”


Taichi: “Everyone’s around. Won’t it be good to call some help?”


Misato: “Well…”


Misato: “It feels very… president-ish?”


Misato: “If I don’t be president-ish, then no one will vote right?”


Taichi: “No one’s voting now though…”


Misato: “But, didn’t you come here for me?”


It’s here! The heart-stealer!


Misato: “And… well, it’s something that I want to do.”


Misato: “It’s just – how much I like to do it.”


Misato: “Just, like everyone else.”


Taichi: “Everyone else… are you sure it’s something that they’ll like to do?”


Misato: “It isn’t?”


Taichi: “That’s what I feel.”




Taichi: “It isn’t just a matter of not feeling it – surely…”


Taichi: “This situation has something to do with that.”


Misato: “I’ve… had the feeling too.”


A slight
Darkening to her expression. Just, momentary.


A smile bloomed again.


Taichi: “Mimimi Missy is a miracle worker.”


*Taichipedia: Mimimi – MIyasuMI MIsato*


Misato: “…”


Oh? The return?


Her original look.


A distance that gives her a kind of transparent grey.


Insinuating a declaration: “You’re pissing me off, you know?!”


Misato: “There’s not a ‘miss’ like that here is there now?!”


Taichi: “Apologies, Missus Mimi.”


A smile.


Misato: “So – let’s take a breather Mr. Peakie.”


Oh gawd. My heart’s about ta burst!


But – why’d she snap at the extra ‘mi’…


And, in the first place, why’d she accept the twin ‘Mimi’?


Misato: “You came here after all.”


Taichi: “Hehe… wellll….”


Truthfully, I came to court Missachi.


Misato: “Good boy! Pelches!”


She wufflenuffs my head.


Her soft fingers wuffles through the tufts of my hair.


Ah – the soft wufflynuff through my whorls is wobbling my waist-area. (I’m a naughty boy!)


Misato: “Is something wrong?”


Taichi: “A campfire is being lit.”


Misato: “Hm? Where?”


Taichi: “By the way, I forgot that maths formula you taught me last semester. Could you repeat it?”


Misato: “Sure!”


Misato: “○×▽□○×▽□……”


Atrophy is inversely proportional to erectality.


Taichi: “Dearest apologies for my rudeness mamodeiselle.”


Misato: “Did your personality… swap into that of a gentleman?”


Taichi: “Dearest missy, courtesy is a lifetime’s effort.”


Misato: “By the way… it’s mademoiselle, not mamodeiselle.”


Taichi: “audible silence


Taichi: “Shall I help with anything?”


Misato: “But, class is already going to start.”


A wooden spoon smacks me on the head from some unseen angle.


Missy… that’s ‘a ladle’, not ‘already’.


Choice system

  • Put it in
  • Push her down
  • Atone for your sins!


Putting it in is a nay-nay! (all options)


Taichi: “Class, eh?”


The bell didn’t ring, so I didn’t notice.


Taichi: “Shall we play hooky?”


Misato: “My… my… what a naughty kid.”


Misato: “But… I guess…”


Facing the sky-blue,
She breathes a single sigh.


Misato: “That’s what being naughty is all about!”


Taichi: “Ma’am?”


Misato: “Ne-ver-miiind.”


Misato: “But, the sun’s soooo hot – so working is a no-no.”


Misato: “So even if you play hooky – there’s no-thing to do…”


Taichi: “An astute observation.”


Heatstroke’ll be bad.


Misato: “Come back in the evening?”


Taichi: “Will you accept my help then?”


Misato: “I think you’re a miracle worker too.”


Taichi: “Ma’am?”


Misato: “Which is why…if you sort out your heart – you’ll be able to do anything you want…”


We’re returning back to that topic.


Taichi: “Aren’t you the same?”


In the contours of her face,
A slight sorrow drips through.


Just, seeing that face on the verge of sadness
Wrings my heart – thoroughly.


That’s because


She’s the only one that can make me feel
This way.


The normal, the commonplace… the things that I can be proud of, can boast of –
…feelings mere.


Setting aside whatever I feel for girls in general…
I love her.
I can earnestly believe that.


And I can wish for happiness.


And I don’t want to be hated.


Misato: “What’s… wrong?”


Taichi: “Aglaba!”


Her face suddenly looms right in front of me.


Misato: “Eh – ?”


Taichi: “You surprishitzed me!”


Misato: “Suprishi…ti…zed.”


Somehow, there’s some admiration in that voice.


Taichi: “The day heatens Ma’am… shall we return to the interior?”


Misato: “Shall we?”


The president of the broadcast club,
Returns a single gaze
To that Antenna.


Taichi: “…”


I can’t say what she’s thinking.


Because she’s not a person you can simply read.


Which is why,
Her surprise – that dumbfounded face,
Was so precious to me.


Because I fully know,
That gentle face,
Is nothing but a mask.