Iriya no Sora Vol 1 Chapter 3 & 4 Translation

First run

Probably needs editing.

But who cares.

Anyway, combined with NanoDesu’s portion, the whole of InS Volume 1 can now be read in English. Problematically, there’s a shift between my style and their style. They also chose to re-edit the flow of Akiyama’s text, while I kept to the original formatting. I think their translation is pretty okay though (in the sense that you can sort of grasp the events, but not feel as much of the fierceness in the prose. Also changing the formatting kills a lot of the emotional beats).

Well, I say ‘can now be read’, but I have a feeling that I can’t describe as a ‘translation’ in the first place. More likely, this was Iriya No Sora fanfiction that I wrote purely for my own sake, that just happens to share contents with the original LN. Either way, fan translation falls into this strange ‘illegal public domain’ whereby its probably considered a violation of copyright, but copyright holders in their original countries wouldn’t care unless the work is big enough that an English company licenses it. This gap allows for the existence of weird translations like these to either propagate or die out among the community.

Thus I hope that people are adequately amused by my eccentric translation that I wrote partially for my own entertainment. If the whole of InS does get licensed though, I will be willing to take down the translation. But who knows when that will happen?

I would go back to do up chapters 1 & 2, but I really want to move on to chapter 1 of the 2nd volume, which includes a crazy chase scene involving scooter hijacking and road madness.

Should anyone have any criticism with regards to the content itself (that is, if I made any mistakes that would completely skew the important plot points of the text itself), kindly comment here. On the other hand, should anyone want to know why the hell I used Japanese emojis in my translation of chapter 3, I will merely say that I judged English was not Kawaii enough to exude proper Kawaii-ness without such aid.

For the sake of youth, and moe – Godspeed.