White Album 2 In China (中国白学家)


As the forefront of pun-centric meme-culture, China has its own take on the eroge.

One of the 4 Classics of Chinese Literature – Dream of the Red Chamber – is so famous within the literary academia over at the Celestial Empire that there’s an entire field of research dedicated to it. This field happens to be titled 红学 (Redology/Red Studies).

Fumiaki Maruto’s White Album 2 happens to have an entire ‘field’ dedicated to it as well, entitled 白学 (Whiteology/White Studies).

These are some quotes translated over from a Wiki page on the meme.



Given that these Whiteologists speak of love with such proficiency, using such difficult terminology, such as OO Mistress XX Bitch – should you purposely shout out “Whiteologist – ever had a girlfriend?!” they would flush red in the face and blue veins would pop out from their foreheads – after which they would retort: “The girlfriends of Whiteologists are not called ‘girlfriends’ – you call them princesses!” – Lu Xun

小三 – Means, roughly, ‘small third’, or mistress to a married man.

碧池 – Means blue pool, but the reading is Bi Chi


A Poll

What are your views on Whiteology?

1. Touma Mistress (冬马小三) – 172 votes

2. Setsuna Bitch (雪菜碧池) – 149 votes

3. Whiteologists should be Beaten To Death (白学打死) – 1144 votes

4. Universal Love Faction – I state my Resistance (博爱党表示不服) – 200 votes

5. Get rid of Haruki, Yuri is Fundamental Law (干掉春希,百合大法好) – 568 votes


A Score-Chart

Whiteology 0: This consumer has not played it yet, or shows no interest

Whiteology 1: This consumer can scream in a cancerous voice words like “Touma Mistress” or “Setsuna Bitch”

Whiteology 2: This consumer can recite Whiteology phrases like “From the start I was the first” and “XX already doesn’t care about it anymore” by heart.

Whiteology 3: This consumer can fluently use such Whiteology knowledge in various occasions

Whiteology 4: This consumer will, in his daily life, suddenly blank out – why did it turn out like this?

Whiteology 5: As a prominent authority on Whiteology, this consumer has been beaten to death several thousand times already

Whiteology N: This consumer – why did it turn out so skilled like this!

All the “Why did it turn out like this” comes from meme-ing of the opening lines of WA2:



A Poem


Won’t translate this – but you can see certain characters that look extremely familiar.



Due to several especially hateful Whiteologists – such lexical usages have been developed as below:


Motherfucker, it’s a Whiteologist.


As it is said in the book: “When you meet a Whiteologist on the road, it’s okay to kill him”




If there’s a 100% Whiteologist:

“Why do you package it so proficiently!”

“Why do you explain it so proficiently!”


It’s White Album season once again (applicable during winter or when you come across a scene of significant Whiteology)


(March 14) Today is White… *beaten to death* (White Day)


You speak clear as white (study)

(Play on the expression 话说白 which means to speak frankly)


Lu Xun and Hu Shi are pioneers of Chinese modern History’s Vernacular Movement (白话文运动)