Amateur Translations: Shinju no Yakata – Second Meeting Itsuki In The Corridor

And now, after the first twin, here’s the translation of the second twin. Once again, it seems to be Romeo, and once again, it’s the Gothic style in works.

This time I felt I was a bit fuzzy with some stuff at the start, and at the end. A few strange grammar hiccups that I’m not used to quite well yet. Anyway, I always edit it once through to, at least, have it make sense to myself.


With an empty consciousness – surveying the surroundings. Yet, it wasn’t of mere curiosity.

It was, for any case, that whoever came to this mansion, and felt that strange out-of-place feeling – would try to curl their mind around the very substance of their gaze.

At present, it wasn’t exactly cold, and neither was there any particular disposition within him.

But some feeling rose out of that empty conscious, and held sway to his line of sight

A sudden chill – yet he didn’t have the impatience of mind to immediately perceive that as a bizarre phenomenon.

It was definitely a kind of illusion though – it seemed to permeate within this womb-like space. He wasn’t going to dispute that or rule it out.

An accumulate over the months and years. With his sensitivity towards History, Kugetsu could better tap into that inexplicable charm.

In that case, he thought – to slowly and visually soak in the surroundings was the best thing.

Akinari: “!”

An ashen face floated before him. Round pupils met his.

Akinari: “Rude.”

So he thought, and commented briefly, as he passed by the old man’s portrait on the wall.

But, after a mere three steps, he stopped again.

At the bend. The feeling of a gaze.

Akinari: “…”

Great strides. He caught a peek.

???: “Ah!”

Akinari: “Hi, Itsuki.”

Itsuki: “Ah…”

Shock transferred to chaos. But, from chaos, he willed his expression to give away neither shyness nor bewilderment.

Their introduction in the dining room. He determined it was Itsuki from snap judgment – mere intuition.

A vague glint of mischief in her eyes – he caught that.

Twins – Itsuki and Imi formed as the dual reflections of a mirror. It made for easy mistakes.

But the semblance was only in contour, and their internal temperaments were not in sync.

It was tied to the changes in expression. Once you caught on, they were easy to distinguish.

Itsuki, now, seemed to be frightened.

Probably embarrassed from suddenly being detected.

To come across a strange, inquisitive, and unfamiliar adult – any girl would be naturally wary.

Imi, you could say, was a peculiar case – with the quiet apathy of her eyes. On the other hand, Itsuki had a certain curiosity in her.

Still hidden in the shadows of the furniture, she seemed to implore something.

Akinari: “Yes? Can I help you?”

As he asked this, she became flustered and trembled.

Itsuki: “U-ummm… None.”

Akinari: “Are you in the middle of a stroll too?”

Itsuki: “Ah…uh…”

She was stuck against the wall, perplexed.

The building together of accumulated moods cut off any conversation. Within that awkwardness, the only action was Kugetsu scratching his cheek.

Akinari: “And Imi isn’t with you. Twins are normally together aren’t they? That was the theory.”

Itsuki: “I’m sorry! I-I’ve… ummm…”

Squirming, she tried to force something out… then hung her head down.

Still stuck to the wall, slowly widening the range between them. A retreat?

Akinari: “Am I that scary?”

He asked that – as if to himself. She stopped, and with slight fear, shook her head nervously.

Slender hair fluttering.

Itsuki: “It’s not like that… it’s wrong… but, there’s…”

Itsuki: “I’m sorry!”

Without ever looking in his eyes, she pushed off the wall and ran.

Akinari: “Ah!”

It’s dangerous! – was what he wanted to say, but it was too late – her balance…

Broke. She fell flat.

A moment. Time stopped.

Itsuki: “Oww….”

With large tears in her eyes, she sat up.

A light body. He didn’t catch sight of any injury.

Akinari: “A-are you okay?”

More than pain, there was the embarrassment and shock. He understood this, and tried to tone his voice down as softly as possible, while stretching out his hand.

Itsuki: “No… it’s okay.”

A hurried stand. Trotting away.

To say it frankly – she escaped.

Akinari: “… how troublesome…”

Seeing off her small form, he sighed.

Not being able to see anyone. The perils of such a comfort stuck around.

He had the sensation of feeling all this before, somewhere – but there was no urge to this instinct that could be called ‘déjà vu’.

The lonely mansion seemed something like a spot stuck between parallel universes – there was not even a firm grasp on the five senses here.

Soaked deep in thought, he suddenly noticed.

Although a minute hadn’t even passed since Itsuki left, he felt the temperature had dropped considerably – that kind of delusory effect.

When she had been around, the place had warmed up.

Once that disturbance in the air had gone, the windowless corridors felt thick with gloom. A graven and solemn silence took hold.