Amateur Translation: Saihate no Ima – They Had Always Been Seven

(25/01/17 – retailored.)


Another Saihate no Ima translation from very early on in the game. Some of the sentences here appears in the OP video.

New Iriya translating experience + further development of skills both language & poetic have helped me with re-configuring this translation.

New Edit

They had always been – Seven.

They cherished their little time, in that factory at the outskirts.

Forgotten – a box with rust and dust.

Despite the lack of luster, there was slight feeling. It was previously full of people’s air – now, desiccated. Now a light sorrow wafted.

Thinking about it’s former glory… would have broke anyone’s heart.

But, they had a different impression.

Without an owner, this forgotten world was salvaged by them.

The old gave way to the young.

Following the world’s eternal providence – the unbroken chain. They received it.

Neither home nor society. But a place of rest.

Shouji called it a ‘Sanctuary’.

He respected isolation, and the way he said it left the others with a strong impression.

It was a strong image, but it might have birthed a misunderstanding of sorts – it lured them into a labyrinth.

Perhaps, even ‘Sanctuary’ was too much of a stretch to be spoken.

That kind of ‘big picture view’ – a Promised Land – was just too immature.

Yet, the seven of them took it extremely seriously.

You could say it was the truth they held within.

Consumed in that single point.

A puzzle scattered into a thousand parts.

That tenderly wished to recompose —


(1) 彼らはいつも七人だった。

(2) わずかな時さえ惜しみ、町外れの廃工場に集った。

(3) 忘れ去られ、錆と砂埃を胎に積もらせた直方体。

(4) 殺風景でありながらどこか情趣さえ漂うのは、かつて満ちていた人の息吹が乾燥し、空間に薄く哀愁を添えているせいだ。

(5) 過去の栄華に思いを馳せるように……見る者の胸を、打つこともある。

(6) 忘却された世界を、所有者なき領土と受け止める。

(7) 老いたものを、若者が受け継ぐ。

(8) 世界が連綿と繰り返してきた摂理をなぞり、彼らはたまり場を得た。

(9) 家庭でも世間でもない安息の場所。

(10) 樋口章二が《聖域》と呼んだ場所。

(11) 孤独を重んじる章二が斯かる発言をしたことは、六人の印象に強く残ったものだ。

(12) あまりにも強いイメージは誤認さえ呼び起こして、迷路にいざなうこともある。

(13) 聖域の是非については語るを得ない。

(14) 約束の地(カノン)について巨視的に論じるには、あまりにも未熟にすぎる。

(15) ただ確かなことは、彼ら七人にとってそれが途方もなく重かったということ。

(16) 心の大部分を占めていたという事実。

(17) その一点に尽きた。

(18) 千々に撒かれたパズルのピース

(19) 優しく、配列されますように―――